Emerging Talent Award

Know someone who you thindk will go far? Nominate a student who will be the next big thing!

Entry Criteria

Criteria for the Emerging Talent category:

– Nominee works for a tech business/in a tech role

Successful nominations should detail but not be limited to the following:

– Skills demonstrated that suggest they are one to watch
– When the nominee has gone above/beyond what is expected of them
– The impact on their business the nominee has had
– What makes them stand out from other students/recent graduates
– Examples of work that the nominee has worked on
– Anything else notable that the judges might be interested in

Emily Godden – Winner 2017

Emily is a passionate advocate of Virtual Reality. A creative person at heart, she understands the need for another medium of storytelling that can make the user experience completely different to print or film.

Emily has received funding from us on The Environment Now programme to develop her project Virtually There Studio. She got through a tough shortlisting process at both application and pitch stages to receive this funding.

With our funding, she hopes to create VR content by filming in British woodlands and using CSG technology to enable the woodland to disappear. This engages the user in understanding the issues behind deforestation and what it could do to our landscape and wildlife.

Emily hopes to take this to schools, conferences, events and festivals to engage as many people as possible in her project. She has already delivered an exhibition at Saxmundham Train Station, engaging 90 primary school children and 30 GCSE students. She was tasked with making a virtual reality work which represented the everyday journey passengers take and was inspired to reconnect passengers with green spaces they pass through on the train line between Ipswich and Saxmundham. This was a great success and she hopes more events like this will happen in the future.

Her great networking skills mean that she has connected widely with the VR community. She has networked with influential people in the field such as Catherine Allen (BBC VR Director) as well as attending VR residential workshops such as Collusion Labs.

She will be a great asset to the VR industry in the future.

Emily was one of our most innovative students at the Uni of Suffolk and her final year art exhibition included Virtual Reality. She really gets how to use technology to highlight issues to an audience of any technical level and although she studied Fine Art, she found the right people at the Uni of Suffolk to teach her what she needed to know and just took off from there. I find her really inspiring and feel she is a role model for other young women particularly those still at school. Emily has the creativity that I believe people don’t think techie jobs require but they do and Emily’s work demonstrates this. She has set up Virtually There Studio and uses VR to raise awareness of sustainability issues. She is looking to use neurofeedback to enable users to control VR experiences with their mind and to look at how VR can be used as a tool to create Cognitive Positive Behaviour Change.

Finalist 2017

Francesca Burns

Finalist 2017

Coco D'Hont