The Apprentice Award

Apprentice Award

Know someone awesome who didn’t go to university, show that you don’t need to be a graduate to be awesome in the tech world. Nominate them now.

Entry Criteria

Criteria for the apprentice category:

– Nominee hasn’t been to university
– Nominee is currently an Apprentice or has been in the last 2 years.
– Nominee works for a tech business/in a tech role

Successful nominations should detail but not be limited to the following:

– Skills taken up by the Apprentice during their apprenticeship
– When the Apprentice has gone above/beyond what is expected from them
– The impact on the business the Apprentice has had
– Examples of work that the nominee has worked on
– How the apprentice has gone from zero to hero
– Anything else notable that the judges might be interested in

2022 Winner

Emmanuelle Gammage

Emmanuelle has worked in the tech industry for a year and has made a significant impact since she started. Joining Midwich in a junior position she has taken time to develop her skills, completing as many marketing courses as she can from SEO, content and interviewing to social media, display adverts and email marketing. She has then demonstrated her understanding of these courses in her day-to-day role soon-to-be achieving a promoting to senior content executive as a reward for her efforts. After just a few months, Emmanuelle was reaching out with SEO content for our online blog. She also pitched innovative social media campaigns. One of them being for the “Activity Based Working” campaign which highlighted different technology that can be used in different zones for an office set up with activity based working. Emmanuelle pitched a naughties style magazine quiz graphic, where people answered questions and were told which style of worker they were, Social, silent, learner and collaborator. This graphic was posted as a PDF on LinkedIn and used as the body in an email to promote the portal, as well as posted in our Technology magazine, Connected. Example, magazine style quiz PDF: Example, the portal that Emmanuelle was working on for Activity Based Working: Emmanuelle received a lot of positive feedback shortly after joining the team, including quotes from the team below: “Emmanuelle is a great fit in the team – she’s polite and hardworking, with a keen willingness to learn and develop. I think she’ll continue to grow her knowledge over the coming months and be a real key asset for team productivity and effectiveness. Good work!” “Emmanuelle is picking up our internal processes quickly and efficiently – something which isn’t an easy feat from an outsider POV! She’s done so with a smile on her face to.” “She has an excellent ‘can-do’ attitude. Always willing to muck in and help the rest of the team where needed – thank you.” She takes feedback on board and strives to give a better performance the next time she do something. Emmanuelle is a great asset to the Midwich team! She is enthusiastic in her work and helps Midwich deliver industry-leading marketing and consistently works to the best of her ability. I was proud of how quickly Emmanuelle has become acclimated to our processes when she first joined, and was quickly confident that if I gave her a task to so, she would complete it competently. Overall, Emmanuelle is a great team member, and Midwich are very lucky to have her on board! She is now working on Midwich’s flagship event, Technology Xposed, which is one of the largest campaigns each year. There is a lot to achieve in a tight timeline, however Emmanuelle has managed her workload greatly (an often overlooked skill) and is proactively suggesting ways to promote the event that will achieve high registrations. Example: Example:

2022 Finalist

Sveta Klimova

2022 Finalist

Jessica Shackley