Shortlist 2019

We’re pleased to announce the shortlist for the 2019 DevelopHER Awards. Thanks to everyone who nominated somebody and I’m sorry that I can’t put everyone on the shortlist! Every single nomination we get is worthy of an award in my eyes!

Agile Angel

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Robyne Birkby
Keisha McLean
Gemma Ebbs


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Amie Dooley
Jessica Hoang
Leah Crabtree

Best Newcomer

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Ellie Wem
Penny Hindle
Natasha Evette

Digital Marketer

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Hannah Flynn
Erin Heenan
Tara Cassidy

Emerging Talent

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Sarah Roberts
Iffat Islam
Leslie Rickerby


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Serena Fordham
Louise Birritteri
Hazel Cotttrell

Eye for Design

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Becky Evison
Shayleen Hulbert
Krishna Solanki

Game Development

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Katie Goode
Lesleyann White
Sally Blake


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Sally Blake
Sam Ward
Kara Thurkettle


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Linn Clabburn
Julie Staples
Hannah Rampton

Tech Star

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Aleks Pawlik
Abigail Jackson
Rachel Cooke


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Holly Gibson
Catalina Luca
Rita Cristina Leitao

Unsung Hero

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Debi Cox
Lucy Finlayson
Charlotte Simon

User Experience

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Rose Bonner
Becky Evison
Jen Hennings