The Unsung Hero Award

Unsung Hero Award

Is there someone who’s come up with a really innovative project in your company? Or an idea to change the way you work. Tell us about it, nominate them.

Entry Criteria

Criteria for the Unsung Hero Award category:

– Nominee hasn’t won this award previously

Successful nominations should detail but not be limited to the following:

– Why you think they don’t get enough recognition for their work
– What it is that they do that doesn’t
– Anything else notable that the judges might be interested in

2019 Winner

Lucy Finlayson

Lucy has worked in the technology sector for over 15 years and has been at two10degrees for over 13. Lucy is a truly versatile individual and efficiently goes above and beyond in any task she is given. Because her role is so varied and she contributes to so many different projects, often her marvellous work goes somewhat unnoticed. Here are some of the things this year she has achieved… Research Projects: She is conducting research to discover how our duty of care technology can help female business travellers and other minority groups (LGBT+). She has recognised the need for greater understanding and awareness regarding safety for female and LGBT business travellers and is making great strides forward in helping us to figure out what we can do from a technology perspective, and beyond. Lucy is encouraging our development team to think differently about travel risk management, in particular the impact travel may have on mental health and wellbeing. She is also researching how technology can help business travellers who have experienced traumatic events such as terrorist attacks and natural disasters, deal with psychological trauma. She is trying to work with local mental health charities to carry out research in how technology can assist in saving lives and promoting wellbeing. Thought leadership Lucy is one of the founding members of the Travel Risk and Incident Prevention (TRIP) Group – a national network of professional and C-level travel risk management and health and safety experts. She is a well-respected contributor to the agenda and plays a fundamental role in raising the bar of travel risk management. Lucy is the spokesperson for our global Cyber Security Committee. She is our ambassador for safe online practice and works with our global team to help ensure that our business doesn’t come under cyber-attacks. Lucy works with our global IDEAL team (inclusivity, diversity, equality, action and leadership) to improve best practise across the businesses. Lucy has a particular interest in improving the ways in which we can encourage, reward and attract women in tech into the business. Corporate Social Responsibility Lucy is constantly striving for CSR excellence. Lucy played an instrumental role in developing our close relationship with Creative Computing Club (CCC). Lucy worked with Matt Applegate to put together a sponsorship package whereby two10degrees sponsors a year’s worth of club membership, for an underprivileged young person. At the beginning of our relationship with CCC, Lucy expressed her interest in sponsoring a female student, and fortunately we found a good match. Our Sponsored Student, Tatum Kelly, has been supported for over 2 years now and has conducted work experience with us, under the guidance of Luc. Since her work experience with two10degrees, she is now adamant that she wants to a career in technology due to the “inspiring time she had at two10degrees”. Lucy works with University of Essex on organising the sponsorship of our Graduation Academic Prize and has previously worked on research projects and undergraduate final year project competitions as well. Lucy is our staff welfare office and also sits on the Environmental Awareness committee. Lucy is an absolute superstar – she is able to achieve all of this, whilst caring for her beautiful family and working only 3 days a week. We don’t know what we’d do without her and it’s time we started singing her praises!

2019 Finalist

Charlotte Simon

2019 Finalist

Debi Cox