Unsung Hero Award

Do you work with someone that isn’t often in the limelight but does an amazing job day in day out? Do you think they deserve some recognition?

Entry Criteria

Criteria for the Unsung Hero category:

– Nominee hasn’t won this award previously

Successful nominations should detail but not be limited to the following:

– Why you think they don’t get enough recognition for their work
– What it is that they do that doesn’t
– Anything else notable that the judges might be interested in

Frida Tveit – Winner 2017

In the first year of her software development career Frida has made a steady stream of small but significant stand-out contributions to her team – notably, jumping on urgent issues before her more experienced teammates, fixing defects before they’ve even been raised by the customer, and working diligently on even the less glamourous aspects of project work such as testing.

However, that’s not what really stands out about Frida’s contribution to the software engineering community – her major, but under-recognised and under-appreciated, contribution is her open source work in enabling new developers to learn how to code.

Since December 2016, Frida has made over 600 contributions to the open source Exercism project (http://exercism.io/) which provides a platform for teaching newcomers to code. Her contributions include building new training exercises, improving existing ones and helping others join in with their own open source contributions. She has made such an impact that she has already been invited to join their maintenance team as one of only two maintainers of the Java track.

This is an impressive achievement so early in her career and speaks to her passion and commitment to helping others in the software engineering community. Frida doesn’t shout out very loudly about her achievements, but they deserve to be recognised!

Finalist 2017

Francesca Burt

Finalist 2017

Clare Sherwood