Tester Award

Testers are key in a tech world. Do you know one that you think deserves recognition?

Entry Criteria

Criteria for the Tester category:

– Nominee works in a tester role/carries out testing as part of their role.
– Nominee works for a tech business/in a tech role

Successful nominations should detail but not be limited to the following:

– What this tester does which makes them stand out
– Have they implemented any Automated testing? If so, what impact has it had on the business?
– What impact does their testing have on the business
– Anything else notable that the judges might be interested in

Kaye Blundell – Winner 2017

Kaye has faced her biggest career challenge to date in 2017 and has soared through with fantastic results! Wheatley are in the final stages of completing our largest software development project to-date, with over 9 months of development scheduled, within an Agile framework, which was also a new way of working for Wheatley.

Kaye has embraced Agile, being lead tester for the project from beginning to end and planning and coordinating the execution of hundreds of tests, to ensure that quality has been delivered from every development sprint and more importantly the outcome of all sprints have dovetailed functionality to ensure that the results of previous testing remain unaffected.

Kaye has done an amazing job, working closely with Project Management and BAs to ensure that the tests planned accurately reflect the user stories and the customer expectations and working alongside colleagues in Dev to manage a complex list of priorities and consequences from testing results. Not only this, but Kaye and the QA team have taken the lead on delivering sprint demos to the customer at the end of each sprint to demonstrate progress and to check that the project is delivering what they expect – this has been a huge achievement in itself, as our customers are large multi-national corporations in the energy sector, with deep domain expertise of their sector and very high expectations of their suppliers. Feedback from the customer for this project has shown that the sprint demos have been invaluable to them, contributing to the smooth adoption of the software into their business and ensuring that expectations on the functionality and design were aligned throughout.

Our largest and most complex project ever couldn’t have been successful without Kaye and her calm and thorough organisational skills and amazingly diligent approach to testing.

Finalist 2017

Laura Gurney

Finalist 2017

Angel Naidoo