The Inspiration Award

Inspiration Award

Is there someone who’s come up with a really innovative project in your company? Or an idea to change the way you work. Tell us about it, nominate them.

Entry Criteria

Criteria for the Inspiration category:

– Nominee is Inspirational
– Nominee works for a tech business/in a tech role

Successful nominations should detail but not be limited to the following:

– Why they are inspirational
– Who they inspire
– What makes them inspirational in comparison to their peers
– Anything else notable that the judges might be interested in

2022 Winner

Ilona Utting

Ilona is a true revelation to the development team here at Wex. She has the ability to bring people on board, keeping them engaged and motivated, whilst gaining their buy-in in the company-wide projects. She is enthusiastic, energetic, personable, and cares about the team, listening and supporting others even when they have the worst of days. Since joining Wex Ilona has reshaped the Change Management function of the business, introduced a whole new network of prioritising requests from various departments in a transparent and fair way, making sure that we work on the change requests which bring the most value to the company. She also always looks at improving the way the team collaborate, and truly listens to feedback for better ways of working. Last year, in particular, Ilona successfully spun many plates – she was promoted from being a Lead Business Analyst to Head of Projects which came with a host of additional responsibilities, whilst completing in parallel her Executive MBA at the UEA. She has also started out as a Mentor with Tech Educators supporting new techies entering the Norfolk tech scene. And all of this was whilst dealing with the war in her home country, relocating her family from Ukraine to Norfolk and looking after them, volunteering for Ukrainian support charities, Ilona is a keen runner (I remember her casually mentioning that she went for a nice Friday run… which was 15 miles long!), constantly networking and exchanging ideas with other Norfolk techies, and to top it all of – exploring a business opportunity supporting and coaching women in tech, because she wants to help other women to progress in their careers. Ilona leads by example, has a crazy work ethic and won’t stop until this is achieved, she inspires those around her to be the best they can be.

2022 Finalist

Be Peters

2022 Finalist

Nicola Mallon