The Game Development Award

Game Development Award

Game Development is often forgotten when we think of women in tech – there are some awesome game devs out there – nominate them to get them some recognition for their hard work!

Entry Criteria

Criteria for the Game Development category:

– Nominee works in Game Development

Successful nominations should detail but not be limited to the following:

– Examples of work the nominee has worked on
– What makes them stand out from others in the Games Industry
– Anything else notable that the judges might be interested in

2019 Winner

Lesleyann White

Lesleyann and I worked together on the development and release of critically acclaimed PC game Sunless Skies, from Early Access to post-release updates. Les is the one-person show behind our Quality Analysis process, and the reason that Sunless Skies is a fully-functioning, beautifully balanced game. Les handles the whole Quality Analysis process. Everything she does is meticulous. She tests, maintains our database of bugs, creates our builds for distribution and keeps channels of communication with our community flowing with the right information at the right time. She’s our first dedicated QA team member, and we have been extraordinarily blessed to have her. If you ask Les for something, you’ll get it in glorious abundance. She never shies away from an opportunity to contribute thoughtfully to the game and to our studio. She’s an exemplary colleague, deeply caring, hugely fun to work with and packed with more energy for complex and demanding game development projects than I knew could exist. I think it’s of vital importance that awards like DevelopHER recognise all elements of game development. Les is a champion for the kind of game development job that the wider industry and the general public understand the least – and yet without her work, we’d have chaos, or no game at all. Les is a beacon for an underrepresented field. She’s a craftsperson, and she’s on the ascendant. Sunless Skies is her biggest triumph yet, as the first game she’s released since returning to game development from a stint in the wider tech industry.

2019 Finalist

Sally Blake

2019 Finalist

Katie Goode