Entrepreneur Award

Know the female Mark Zuckerberg? Someone who’s always coming up with tonnes of ideas or runs their own company? Nominate them for the Entrepreneur award.

Entry Criteria

Criteria for the Entrepreneur category:

– Anyone who identifies as an Entrepreneur can be entered

Successful nominations should detail but not be limited to the following:

– What makes them an Entrepreneur
– Examples of a company/companies they have founded
– Their success/failure stories

Nikita Hari – Winner 2017

Nikita is a scientist by training but a social tech entrepreneur by passion. Her vision is to create a platform through her social tech enterprises for building and empowering change makers especially young girls through technology and education.

She co-founded two social tech start-ups: ‘Wudi’ and ‘Favalley’ which are both tech-based. Wudi (www.datawudi.com) is aimed at transforming the educational space in India through AI-based software solutions. This is designed to extract data from an existing school environment to derive meaningful connections and co-relations using Artificial Intelligence driven modules. These connections will enable the system to identify skills and behavioural aspects of each individual so that precise focus can be given to the right skill development. Wudi’s system will also ensure that all stakeholders in the system (i.e., student, teachers, parents, management) are aware of each student’s capability so that they are always measured with the right scale. The idea is that an aspiring poet should be judged for their literary skills rather than their skills in geometry. The vision is to empower each child by helping identify and thus help nurture their innate skills.

Favalley’s (www.favalley.in) vision is to convert slums into the next silicon valleys by engaging, training and matching marginalised youth in slums to coding jobs. This is in the piloting stage in Indian slums in collaboration with the govt of India.

She has been recently awarded the ‘Top 50 Women In Engineering Award under 35 by WES & Telegraph on the occasion of International Women in Engineering Day’ for battling odds & excelling in her career, making a positive impact in the world through her social tech start-ups and inspiring young girls into ‘Engineering’ through her outreach activities. She is the first student from Cambridge University and First Indian Citizen to be honoured with this.

A regular invited speaker at the Cambridge Science Festival, Soapbox Science, GSA Girl conference and STEM events to increase visibility of women in STEM fields, she is recognised by media and organisations in Cambridge & India. She also works as steering committee member of CamAwise and as an independent consultant for advising on engineering education & careers for youngsters.

She is listed in WES 50, Asia Admirable list Who’s Who, Educators Admirable List, made it to Forbes under 30 finalist in Science in Europe and was recognised by media and organisations in Cambridge and India for my commendable work in academia, advocating for higher education, for promoting women in STEM and for her contribution to society by founding ‘Wudi Datatech’ &’Favalley’.

Hailing from a small town in Kerala, India within a conservative background and no big exposure to world-class education, she battled against odds to reach where she stands today as a Scientist, Social Entrepreneur, Science Communicator & Stem Ambassador. Through her social tech start-ups she has been able to kickstart an innovative start for transformation in the educational space and set up a platform for those aspiring to be positive change makers.

Finalist 2017

Kym Jay

Finalist 2017

Andrea Sommer